The Amazing Wok II: Chinese Delivery for when Pizza Just Won’t Do

Chinese restaurants of various sorts have been cropping up in Eastern suburbs of Cleveland for quite some time. Most popular have been Chinese buffets and small carry out places, the latter mainly in small strips. Superficially The Amazing Wok 2 is of the strip mall variety. It differentiates itself from other such Chinese restaurants in that it offers home delivery, giving the tired working stiff an alternative to the traditional pizza. We’ve had several occasions to order from the Amazing Wok 2 and the service has been prompt, within a half hour or so. There is a small delivery charge, varying from $1 to $2 depending on distance, and a $12 minimum. In addition the restaurant offers a delivery service to 5 area hospitals. A patient need not front cash, billing is handled through the hospital. The restaurant also offers delivery to the campus of John Carroll and Case Western Reserve Universities.

The menu itself is quite extensive. The cuisine is all Oriental, except for that favorite American side dish, French fries. especially impressive is the 8 selections for soup. In a recent visit to a rival full service Chinese restaurant there were only 5. 13 different appetizers are listed, along with the usual offerings of fried rice, egg foo young, chow mein, etc. Many items are available by the pint or the quart. There’s a nice selection of beef, chicken, pork and seafood entrees with 6 vegetarian dishes for the vegan. For those with spicier tastes there is a limited selection of curried dishes. 31 combination platters are available with pork fried rice and egg roll. family dinners for 2-4 people are available with a reasonable $8.75 per person. There are 30 lunch specials served between 11:00 and 3:00.

We’ve had food from the Amazing Wok several times over the past year. Lemon chicken, a variety of fried rice, orange beef, General Tso’s chicken, etc. The food has always been satisfactory, if not gourmet quality. The pricing is fair and comparable to other restaurants in the area.

Twice a year or so the restaurant sends out a combination flyer and menu with coupons for free appetizers, soda pop, etc, to area residents. reverse logistics

The Amazing Wok 2 is an excellent alternative to fast food or pizza for the tired working person who doesn’t want to cook. They’re open on Sundays for something different on game day. If you would like to pick up rather than request delivery simply call ahead to have your order waiting.

Amazing Wok II
2169 South Taylor Road
Cleveland Hts, OH 44118-3012
(216) 397-8282